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DAV apart from academic achievement has myriad activities in its curricula, in order to make learning an exciting affair. We have various clubs for the purposes which come up with the innovative ideas to give the students enough space to flower out beautifully.



We have literary club which aims at not only refining the literary skills but also developing in them logic and curiosity to know more and to instil in them oratory skills. Panoply of competitions are held to enhance their talents. The club holds debate, declamations, recitation, extempore speech contest which help them to deepen their power to think and broaden their vocabulary at the same time exposes to a set of audience necessary for the growth of confidence in them. Class wise English role – playing competition is held to enable the students to have exposure apart from bringing forth their prowess in acting.


Aryabhatt Club is named after the great scientist Aryabhatt who won accolades all over the world for his work. This club symbolises the enthusiastic spirit of the members who continue to be the live wires in generating the interest of the students in science subjects and increasing their proficiency. The ‘catch-word’ of the present generation is ‘excellence’. System based training can help them achieve high quality result and promising careers. Science exhibition exhibiting the projects and models was on display conveying the marvellous achievements of the students.


The cultural club of the school is the paragon of excellence for which our school is known in the region. The club helps the students to explore new hobbies and interests. It encourages both the staff and the students to innovative, imaginative and creative by organising various entertainment and extra mural activities from time to time.


The onslaught of technology has created the ardent desire in students to be techno savvy. The ICT Club here in DAV allows them to chase down their passion by enabling them to use the computers in every sphere of life to keep up the pace with the present time for there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children: One is roots and the other wings to soar the success.


A milestone is in fact not created by stones or bricks but actually it is a structure which has skill and confidence, knowledge and power at its base. And, we have Sports Club that creates several milestones in the way of DAVian cruise year after year. We hope, this record of achievement will grow at this same pace in near future too. The Club encourages students to participate with zeal and enthusiasm unmindful of the result. The bottom line is that sports churn out the all-rounder individuals.


‘Health and good estate of body are above all good ’. The sole purpose of the Health Club is to sensitize the students with different activities related to health and personal cleanliness maintain balance between the trends of the past & the present. It also enhances the love for nutritious food among the students. ‘Cooking without fire’ competition was organised by the club to imbibe the students of the majestic avenues of success opened to them.


Life is a corridor of doors,

Waiting for us to open them,

Life crisis are best survived by those

Who celebrate each day;

Who are fired by their goals

And who are renewed by their loves.

In this mad race of materialism, man hardly finds a time to lend a helping hand to others. The Social Welfare Club at school teaches the students to build their character as they go through life, spread happiness, keep smiling and also not to be content with knowledge but they must act and demonstrate. The Club organises regular visits to Orphanages, old age homes to heave in them the habit of helping the needy and the less privileged. The donation of Rs 2.5 crores, forwarded for the cause of the calamity victims of Uttrakhand by DAV community, appropriately states that ‘charity begins at home’, sensitization about various social problems is the main motive of the club.


Environment at DAV is more than an issue, it is a passion. We train the students to be conscious about the environment for which we have Eco Club. The motive of this club is to spread awareness about the environment amongst the students so as to create ‘clean’ and ‘green’ surroundings for all to live in. The club advocates the advantages of a greener planet. Emphasis is also laid on conserving water for which rally was organised to create mass awareness. Tree plantation drive was organised spreading the message that natural beauty is alone beneficent and lasting. The club also encourages students to use bicycles which will not only help to reduce petroleum but also save the earth from further pollution.