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DAV Centenary Public School Meerut is 25 years young. We feel wise when we look at the established identity we enjoy as an institution where learning is purposeful, progressive and empowering. DAV Meerut came into existence in the centenary year of DAV College Managing Committee and Trust, recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence in education.

Today the school stands tall, having 2525 students on its roll, promising to give to the world learned and intellectual citizens of tomorrow. In today’s, world fraught with competition and challenges, there is nothing more important than a good school background for the young child. It is ultimately the quality of education the child receives that will propel him/her to a successful career and a significant place in the society as well as inculcate the moral & cultural values so vital to the child’s all round development.

Education is not only a preparation for life…In fact it is life itself. So, children deserve good education that equips them with requisite skills to lead a healthy life and prepare them thoroughly for the future challenges. Today, the world is becoming highly competitive and shrinking with the emergence of new technologies, almost every day. Therefore we need our children to be confident and intelligent young adults who can cope with the day to day challenges effectively. Keeping this in mind we offer contemporary and futuristic education embedded in Vedic culture to develop children into flexible, smart individuals who can adapt themselves to the changing needs and stand up against all odds. We believe that every child is unique. They learn and grow differently. Our caring and passionate teachers provide basic knowledge and skills as well as pay individual attention to them in the teaching learning process. We strive to achieve excellence in whatever we do.

I greet each one of you, being a source of inspiration and support in shaping and sharing our dreams for DAV Meerut on this momentous occasion. My Best wishes to the Principal and her entire staff for the milestones achieved by the school. My felicitations and greetings are the only things I would finally love to offer to all prospective parents who would like to be a part of our vision and philosophy and their wards, who would be carving niche for themselves in future.

God Bless!

Sh. Punam Suri