Chairman Message  

On the subject of education, I can only say that -
I view it as the most important subject on which we as a people can agree.
may be engaged in.
-Abraham Lincoln
Welcome to DAV Centenary Public School, an academic realm committed to our journey of educating and shaping our students to brilliance.
-It is my vision to provide the nation with motivated, responsible, and disciplined youth to shape a better future.
The goal of education is to prepare students for real-world situations. If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. The best return on an investment is always made in knowledge. "A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with—a man is what he makes himself."
Tossing in the global waves, challenges for the youth are manifold, and pressures on young minds are nerve-wracking. But our prime motive at DAV is to treat all children with the prudence and veneration to which they are entitled. We work enthusiastically to rake in your credence, and we fete every fling to be the guardian of children. 
We provide a holistic education in a pleasant and congenial environment and prepare them for the challenges of life in a global society.
It contends that the only factor that can help a youngster develop logical intelligence is schooling. Intelligence that is neither tagged by nor entangled in culture, religion, dogma, or prejudice will naturally lead to the ultimate blossoming of the person. We, therefore, ardently promote humanitarian values and work to build a community of lifelong learners who respect individual differences. We even encourage students to understand and incorporate discipline, ethics, tradition, and culture in addition to the course material.
Technology is changing the world, and education must keep up. In this sense, we also keep a close watch on changing educational trends to identify new technologies in education. Primarily, we reckon that the technology itself is not transformative. It’s the school and the pedagogy that are transformative.
Whatsoever, we encourage our students to follow their hobbies and interests through a variety of extracurricular activities, such as community service, athletics, and the arts because we understand the value of striking a balance between academic accomplishment and personal growth. Students gain crucial life skills from these experiences, including tenacity, leadership, and cooperation. Our school provides cutting-edge resources and amenities so that our students can study and develop in a secure, encouraging, and engaging environment. They are also urged to respect nature and recognise the vulnerability of our ecology. Every child that enters the DAV sanctuary leaves as a future global citizen who is knowledgeable, educated, and sensitive to ethical issues.
Embracing a partnership with you as parents, our team adheres with sustained adhesion to our mission and vision. By dint of their secure concord, they have engendered an anomalous environment for learning. 
As you will see, we are defining the potential future of education and learning in India by establishing more than a thousand DAV institutions all around the nation.
I extend my heartfelt thanks to the principal, teachers, and other staff members who, besides giving academic knowledge to children, inculcate values of commitment, zeal, and pride in everything they do. 
As the chairman of this institution, I once again welcome you and sincerely hope that our website will stir up your regard and inspire you to initiate making an additional pragmatic change in your life. 
“Go for the great....”

Padma Shree Awardee, Dr. Punam Suri Ji