Manager Message  

Welcome to the school's website, I say with a great deal of satisfaction and joy. 
You could be a parent, a child, a member of the staff, or anybody else curious to learn more about how our fascinating world works and how to learn in it. I encourage you to browse our "online school" so that you can clearly understand why our institution offers the greatest environment for your children and young adults. 
Since its inception, DAV, Meerut has made enormous strides to promote learning and pave the way for each student to succeed academically. Creating opportunities, provoking thought, supporting innovation, and maintaining excitement are the four main areas of concentration.
The goal of our school is to remain known as a pioneer in cutting-edge educational approaches and as a place where students are defining the future of not only themselves but also of the entire planet. For our children, we've worked hard and will keep doing so to provide better, more secure futures.
Our children will successfully navigate their formative years. All thanks to the beliefs and environment we instil in them. Our current investments in our children will enable them to soar to new heights and conjure up the unthinkable. I want to express my gratitude to the principal, teachers, and other staff members of the school since without them, neither great nor minor successes would be possible. In addition to teaching the children the topics, they instil in them the virtues of dedication, passion, and pride in whatever they do.
“Knowledge gives power to those who want to be their own governors”.
Again, thank you for visiting our website. I genuinely hope that it sparks your curiosity and motivates you to take action to improve your life in yet another way.
Let good ideas come to us from all directions.
Thank you and best wishes...

Shri. D.V. Sethi