Principal Message  

As said by the legendary naturalist, Charles Darwin “Survival of the fittest”. There can be no other toughest mother than the Mother Nature for she herself eliminates the unfit individuals. Indeed, with the advent of global catastrophe in the name of ‘Covid-19’ humanity underwent an absolute transition from freedom to penitentiary and, then back to adapting the ‘New-Normal’.

The pandemic made all to go pensive and internalize the veritable reality that the omnipotence of nature and destiny is the pivot that controls us all despite our innumerable conquests and progresses. Some acquiesced; some radically accepted but all agreed to the self-evident reality that hope, a concerted desire to evolve with perspicacity, embracing change with equanimity and, fortitude to stand tall amidst sheer persecution could be our only accomplices in the wake of wining over the hegemony of pandemic, and come out of it unscathed.


DAV’s truest endeavour in bearing the comeuppance of Covid-19 has been to disseminate seamlessly meticulous knowledge through ‘education that empowers’.Elimination of interminably challenging factors, eradication of motley activities in learning, ensuring spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual well being through plethora of scholastic and co-scholastic activities have been our truest concerns during the pandemic times. Factors and theories like evolution, cognitive inertia and our succinct educational approach defenestrated the stifling challenges posed by corona virus.


In the end, I on behalf of the DAV fraternity promise to metamorphose our progeny into self-reliant, resilient and empathetic individuals marked by rambunctious desire to progress ahead with humanity, humility and solidarity.

With warmest regards.

Dr. Alpna Sharma